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About Us

Know more about The Endodontic Office


“Endodontic” is a medical term that comes from the Greek word “endo” (inside) and “odons” (tooth).

Endodontic” is a medical term that is derived  from the Greek words “endo” (inside) and “odons” (tooth). It is a specialised field of dentistry involving procedures that relate to the tissues within the root canal or the tooth pulp. Root canal treatment is the most common procedure performed by a root canal specialist in order to save a diseased tooth. Additional procedures include root canal retreatment, root canal surgery and other contemporary therapies to promote tooth development and pulp preservation.

Clinic Specialised in Root Canal Treatments

The Endodontic Office is a Specialist clinic in Singapore with qualified Endodontists As experienced clinicians, our doctors are able to accurately diagnose and provide root canal treatments based on contemporary standards. The Endodontic Office was first founded in 2007. Over the years, we have expanded to three clinics with a team of eleven Endodontists. Our three clinics are conveniently located in well-connected areas of Orchard, Novena and Jurong East.