Endodontic Surgery

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Endodontic Surgery/ Apical Surgery/ Apicectomy

The above mentioned is a surgical procedure that is required when root canal treatment fails. When such surgery is recommended, it may be because redoing root canal treatment serves limited therapeutic value. Following are the common instances where surgery is recommended.

  1. Persistent disease despite a well-done root canal treatment.
  2. Teeth with extensive restorations such as post and hard cores.
  3. Exploratory purposes for teeth with high suspicion of cracks.

This can be performed under local anaesthesia and will require cutting of the gums to expose the inflamed or infected tissue. The affected tissue is then removed and the roots are treated before the gums were sutured back.

endodontic surgery for tooth with persistent infectionTooth with persistent infection

root tip of a tooth after apical surgeryApical surgery done, showing the root tip sectioned and managed

Courtesy from Society of Endodontists, Singapore website for the radiographs